Emergency Board Up

Without a home or business being boarded up, animals and people can get inside, which could easily result in damage, as well as theft or injury. If a damaged property were not boarded up, it would be open to the environment so any additional rain, snow, hail, or wind would only intensify the problem. Of course, one of the most important reasons for using the board up services of The Board Up Co. is that if the damaged structure were not been boarded up, any further damage, theft, or injury would become the financial responsibility of the property owner.

The Board Up Co. has the experience, expertise, and equipment to get any size emergency board up job done quickly and affordably. Call us today!

Roof Tarp Services

When property has experienced damage, whether from wind, hail, tornado, vehicle impact, downed tree, fire, vandalism, or some other emergency, the number one priority is securing the structure.  The important thing is to keep further damage from occurring until the system passes. That's where The Board Up Co. comes in. 

Call us the minute you detect roof damage, and we'll get a secure, stable tarp on it that will keep the elements at bay until you can begin repairs. 

With our roof tarp service, not only is the property secured from outsiders and protected from being further damaged, but belongings inside the structure are guarded as well.

Commercial & Residential Roof Repair

The Board Up Co. is composed of a team of contractors that work with home owners and business owners in keeping their properties and establishments free from damages. The company prides itself in providing the best price for various services offered. Moreover, each of our contractors are personally dedicated to delivering the best customer experience every single time. 

When signs of leaking roofs manifest, it's time to call The Board Up Co. Roof leaks happen when the shingles or the metal roof give way to moisture or rain water to creep into the roofing system. More often than not, the felt underlay and sheathing below the shingles are already damaged by the constant downpours which leads to droplets of water to fall down from the ceiling.

Temporary, Portable Fencing

Whenever a home or business has been damaged due to storm, flood, fire, vandalism, burglary, vehicle impact, animal entry, or other emergency, our team of professionals quickly sets up portable fencing designed to keep out vandals and animals until the property is repaired.

When it comes to temporary security fences, The Board Up Co. has a range of options to suit both your needs and your budget. We have everything from chain-link fencing, to safety barriers. With our portable fencing and building barricades, you can rest easy knowing that although your property is damaged, at least it's secure from prying eyes and sticky fingers. 

We only use high quality materials and supplies. When setting up portable fencing, metal posts are driven into the ground and then fence posts are set every 10 feet, which are then secured by metal ties. Once the portable fencing is in place, the insurance company would determine that the property owner took appropriate measures of securing the property from additional damage, while preventing access to unauthorized people.

Shoring & Structural Stabilization Solutions

Buildings collapse, lean, and crumble when the foundation and structure have issues.  Whether the cause is due to termites, poor maintenance, fire, flood, wind, storm, or any other natural disaster, the structure is not safe. 

If your home or business has been heavily damaged by wind, water, or fire, or any other disaster, it's essential to be proactive before something even worse occurs. The Board Up Co. has vast experience in shoring solutions and stabilizing buildings that have sustained structural damage. 

Do yourself and your neighbors a favor by ensuring the safety and security of everyone and everything around your property. Contact The Board Up Co. today to schedule a free estimate.

Winterizing Services

Winterizing your home, property, or mobile home makes your place more energy efficient so you can keep your family warm and toasty without breaking the bank on energy bills. In addition to making your house more energy efficient, winterizing your home also entails completing some chores that will help prevent damage to your home from snow and ice. In additional to REO foreclosure clean out services, The Board Up Co. can also assist with a number of winterizing services for residents of St. Louis, MO and Illinois.

  • Residential Winterizing
  • Mobile Home & RV Winterizing
  • Winterize Waterlines
  • Winterize Drains
  • Winterize Plumbing
  • Winterize Pipes
  • Winterize Hot Water Heaters

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