Whenever a home or business has been damaged due to storm, flood, fire, vandalism, burglary, vehicle impact, animal entry, or other emergency, our team of professionals quickly sets up portable fencing designed to keep out vandals and animals until the property is repaired.

When it comes to temporary security fences, The Board Up Co. has a range of options to suit both your needs and your budget. We have everything from chain-link fencing, to safety barriers. With our portable fencing and building barricades, you can rest easy knowing that although your property is damaged, at least it's secure from prying eyes and sticky fingers. 

We only use high quality materials and supplies. When setting up portable fencing, metal posts are driven into the ground and then fence posts are set every 10 feet, which are then secured by metal ties. Once the portable fencing is in place, the insurance company would determine that the property owner took appropriate measures of securing the property from additional damage, while preventing access to unauthorized people.

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